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♞ :|| Several weeks had passed since Sebastian had taken control of the rival company, and they had not been easier, despite his expectations. The investment, had payed off money-wise, though there were other complications that in his blind anger and greed, he had not anticipated. The years of their rivalry had taken its tole on not only the CEO’s themselves, but their employees as well. Some did not care, but far more were unwilling to work together now that the company had been merged into one. Sebastian had been forced to send only a few to oversee the other company, the rest staying in their respective buildings. It was not what he had envisioned, but he had made it work. 

As for Hannah herself, it seemed he had been wrong about his change of heart. She still incited the same manner of animosity she always had, only now, instead of her being a building apart, he was forced to watch her day in and day out. Of course he wasn’t cruel to her. He liked to think he treated her as every other employee, only that wasn’t exactly true in most respects. That sense of rivalry had never left, and he found himself making remarks about her work or unnecessarily finding reasons to be around her when it could have been avoided completely. 

But he hardly thought about it as he made his way through the doorway toward her office, setting a rather hefty file down on her desk. There were problems that went far beyond their past arguments, and he had to be sure she was on the same page. “We’re being sued,” he announced without much emotion, his eyes settling on her face as he waited for a reaction. 

It seemed there had been a few hitches in the contracts she had made while she had run her company and now those independent contractors were not happy with the sale of the business. It was irritating, but he needed her help in looking over her old contracts for a way out. 

To see her former employees give Sebastian trouble made her quite happy. Most of them understood that she only did what was necessary and placed most on the blame in him. It was hard to see some of them sent away, but anything that added to his frustration was a bonus. Employees from both companies bickered while she just sat back and watched.

While she hoped he’d leave her be, it was no surprised when he bugged her several times a day. And as expected, he was very picky when it came to her work. Naturally, he did things differently and it took some time to adjust. Even the smallest mistake, that most people wouldn’t notice, would cause him to pay her a visit. It was irritating, but there was much she could do to stop it.

"You mean, you’re being sued? The company is out of my hands.” She was just a lowly secretary, now. While she didn’t want her company to fall any more than it already had, being sued wasn’t going to end it. He could handle it. It may cause a few of his hairs to turn grey, but that didn’t matter to her. 

The back hall.

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"Hannah, did you set the table?"






"Of course. My young master gave me orders to do so, but I must inquire about your identity. Who are you? Visitors should not worry themselves about such things."

"The young Master’s head butler of course." He answered. "So such things would require my immediate attention."

"Why were you wearing that silly mask? I didn’t expect you to do such a thing. And, by now, you should expect me to always do my duties. I am a capable maid." Her arms folded over one another while she gave her fellow demon a curious look. Did he really care so much about the table being set?

"The young master asked me to make sure everything is in order." Claude remained poised and unphased. "I see that you are still able to perform your duties despite your injury. You are more than just talented."

He was complimenting her? Although, he did bring up her missing eye. An unpleasant memory. However, she was unable to tell whether or not he was mentioning it to bring back the memory or simply stating a fact.

"Well, being what we are certainly helps. I can handle these chores without either of my eyes. Let’s just hope that doesn’t actually happen."


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