Hello everyone! I never really planned on doing this, simply because I hate picking ‘favorites’, but I wanted some way of celebrating the amount of followers I’ve received since remaking this blog. I want to thank everyone who has followed me and I hope you all continue to do so.

If you are not on this list, do not think for a second that you are less important to me. I am mainly including bloggers who I’ve had spoken to and have a friendship with. However, I will also include my ‘senpais’ who I may or may not have interacted with. 

Those italicized are blogs that are outside of the Kuroshitsuji fandoms. All names are in alphabetical order. Bold are those who I used to talk to or rp with a lot, but haven’t in awhile.

Amazing people/friends and/or roleplaying partners.
This list of people are the ones who I’ve spoken to at least a few times or have rped with a few times. They are all amazing.

acerbus-animus/phantomhiveraven a-crow-at-the-gallows/the-joking-bone canis-vigilia cave—canem/ vphantomhive caerulea-dominae coveted-noble-blue-soul claudeyesyourhighness crimson-soldierdemon-servant-layla-savage demonsdeception  earlofbooty  entwined-in-a-web grellshitei ignisdiabxlica maitre-cruel musesofthebreach operatxc scarred-ribster sinsofvalentine specimen-s spidersprey thatbluekingsswagger the-watch-dog thegoldentongue themastersnakecharmer 
People I admire greatly.

Now, these people I have barely talked to/interacted with. Some of them I’ve been only admiring from afar.

aranea-dux aristocrat-of-devil askcecewells bestia-domitor bitch-chansexual bloody-s-w-e-e-t-s corecita dukevenomania ejiki-aroisu fatally-loved iason-mink iimpius jo-agyaa-naukara just-a-demon-butler  malevxlent mirthfulmortician morsdecorus resurgum sadisticlight say-woofsolum-serpens the-dark-crow the-trancy-spider thxtknight

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